Facilitating Weld 360

Complete, Traceable, and Verifiable Records


Seamless Pipeline Integrity with Weld 360

Weld 360 is designed for pipeline operators to manage all aspects of weld data crucial for ensuring pipeline integrity. Weld 360 allows operators the ability to capture, validate, and document weld data in real-time. It has built-in advanced reporting tools to compile all required documentation with a single click.

Weld 360 Features

Real-time data collection and documentation

Track and manage critical weld data in real time. Document detailed asset weld maps throughout the construction work, leveraging the InteliSketch features.

Welder and material validation

Manage qualifications, certifications to ensure welders are qualified. Integrate eMTR to ensure material traceability data is also captured.

NDE data

Centralized data repository to manage CWI and NDE inspection data for each weld.


Real time notifications and alerts to mitigate risk. Easily compile required reporting to ensure complete, traceable, and verifiable record keeping.

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